Frequently Asked Questions.

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How do I work with Project Beacon to get my employees tested?

Please fill out the contact form and we can speak with you about selecting and implementing the right testing approach for your organization.

What types of tests will be used?

We currently offer RT-PCR tests collected using anterior nares (AN or nasal) swabs. We continually monitor developments in technology and collection methods, and will work with organizations to incorporate the appropriate testing approach for their needs.

Who is administering the tests?

Today, all collection is done under the supervision of a qualified clinician, observing the latest guidance on proper testing procedures and practices.

Will these tests require nasal pharyngeal swabs in the back of the nose?

No, the tests do not use nasal pharyngeal swabs, which can be uncomfortable to use and challenging to administer. Instead, in line with FDA guidance, we use anterior nares (AN or nasal) swab collection, which are rubbed in the front of the nostril (much like a Q-tip).

Where will the tests be processed?

Tests are processed at the CRSP lab at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, a CLIA-certified lab, and have an FDA Emergency Use Authorization.

How fast will test results come back?

Test results are typically available the following day, but may on rare occasions take as long as three business days.

How many people can be tested through Project Beacon’s efforts on a daily basis?

Our goal is to dramatically increase the number of accessible and affordable tests in Massachusetts. Our laboratory partner, the Broad Institute,  can currently process 35,000 tests a day and has the capacity to ramp-up to 100,000 tests a day in the coming months. With the latest research into improved testing methodology, this number could climb significantly higher.

Will Project Beacon Expand to other states?

Project Beacon is currently focused only on scaling up testing efforts in Massachusetts. We intend to be a resource for anyone that wishes to learn from our experience – including other cities, states, and countries. If you are interested in learning from our experience to scale up testing in your community, please contact us.

How can I help/contribute to Project Beacon?

We welcome support of all kinds. If you are interested in contributing to this effort, please contact us.

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